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A Environmental Services Company for Smarter Environment Management

Zonta Global Infratech: State of the Art Environment Solutions & Services Provider

Zonta Global Infratech is the parent company of Zonta group that stands responsible for the global business development of Zonta with headquarters in Dusseldorf, Germany. Zonta is the pioneer in waste management practices and identifies globally proven state-of-the-art waste management or water & wastewater management technologies to customize to suit the requirements and to implementa for all other global regions.

Our Services

Strategic Business Units for Public and Industrial Trade & Commerce

Smart Waste Collection & Transportation

We provide Intelligent and Smart Waste Collection & Custom Solutions including efficient Transportation services for collected waste.LEARN MORE

Waste to Energy/ Waste Processing

We offer municipalities environmentally feasible thermal technologies to generate energy from waste.LEARN MORE

Waste Disposal

We deliver land rehabilitation services including landfill engineering and scientific dumpsite capping.LEARN MORE

Water & Waste Water Management

We operate and maintain Greenfield as well as Brownfield Water & Waste Water management projects with smart technologies.LEARN MORE

IOT / Smart Technologies

We innovate environmental practices through IOT/ Smart technologies to upgrade services and deliver sustainable long-term solutions.LEARN MORE



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